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Welcome to the instruction page. It's broken it down into different sections for whatever level your at. There are tips and information for those new to shooting, as well as intermediate and advanced lessons for more experienced shots. I hope you find it useful, if you think something's missing please send us an email (positiveshooting@googlemail.com) and we'll try and get onto it. Also check out how you can get coaching from me one-to-one or or in small groups. Good Shooting. Keep your eyes on the bird and stay safe!

Mike Yardley

Starting to Shoot

Learn Everything you need to start shooting; from getting a licence to buying your first gun


Expert Tips for those who want to take their shooting to the next level

Guest Articles

Articles from expert guest contributors. (Coming Soon)









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Mikes's Tip of the Month - Forward Allowance

The subject of forward allowance is one of the most interesting, and certainly one of the most controversial, in shooting. Let us jump straight in at the deep end. If you want to hit a moving target you must shoot where it is going rather than where it was. It never ceases to maze me, even after 40 years of shooting, how much lead some birds need. Read More


Here we are going to consider stance and how you can set yourself up to create a stable shooting platform. Good shots usually look good. Relaxed and balanced. On occasion, one sees shooters doing all sorts of strange things – standing with legs feet wide apart, leaning back, or, as bad, too far forward. The there are those who crouch and sticking their rear ends out. Read More

Eye Dominance

Eye dominance is a most intriguing phenomenon. Most adult men have one eye that directs the pointing process - finger or gun it makes no difference. When they point at a distant object, they will line up with one eye - usually the right eye if they are right-handed. This dominant eye, the finger tip and the selected object, will be in a straight line. This is a natural sighting system. Read More

Gun Fit Part 1

There are few things in life which are quite as satisfying to possess as a really well fitted shotgun. Just what is a well fitted gun? The glib answer is that you will know one when you try it (and if you ever have one and get rid of it you are damned fool). A well fitted gun is one that feels right, that points naturally to where the eye or eyes are looking and that controls recoil effectively. Read More



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24th June 2011

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20th July 2011

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